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About Us

The Essex School of Witchcraft was founded by a real Essex Witch, to preserve, protect and pass on the legacy of the ancient Craft that has been practiced for countless generations in the county of Essex, England. The county’s name derives from “East Saxons”, and the area is still steeped in ancient lore and practices that date back to the time of the Saxon, Dane and Viking invasions, as well as the previous Celtic and Roman inhabitants. Essex lies immediately to the northeast of London, with a coastline that faces onto the forbidding North Sea. Inland, small hamlets and villages dot the windswept landscape, where rivers meander through lonely marshlands. This bleak, isolated region has been known for centuries as “The Witch Country”. Our Founder, Ravenstar, was born in Rochford, Essex, in the heart of the Witch Country, and has been a witch all her life. She has always had an affinity with the natural world, and began to visit the “witch village” of Canewdon, Essex of her own accord when she was just a child. Exploring the countryside alone, she grew to know and understand the unseen forces that dwell within trees, rivers, rocks and plants. She became familar with the very Earth itself, and the elements from which all is made. When she was ready, the Old Craft was revealed to her, and after a time of study and practice, she became an Essex Witch. Now that she lives in North America, she feels called to pass on her knowledge. The Essex School of Witchcraft was founded to fulfil this purpose. The Old Craft that you will learn with us has been handed down for generations. Mother teaches daughter, and father teaches son, and thus the tradition continues unbroken, as it has always done. However, all things must change in order to survive, and we believe the time has come for the Essex Craft to be taught more widely. Essex Craft is not Wicca, neither is it what has become known as “Heritage Witchcraft”. Essex Craft is not eclectic. It is multi-generational, hereditary, British witchcraft: nature-based and rooted in the Celtic and pre-Celtic culture of the British Isles, with a specific regional focus in the southeastern county of Essex. Our curriculum begins with a 24 week course: Introduction to Witchcraft. This is required study for all students; we do this to ensure that everyone has the same grounding in the basics of Essex Craft. Then, we divide into two classes of Craft: Low and High; but do not assume that “Low” Craft is somehow less valuable, or less powerful, than “High”. Low Craft simply means the study of practical magic, such as Candle Magic, Herb Craft, Animal Kinship, Tree Lore, etc. High Craft is the study of ceremonial magic, such as Magical Seals, the Tree of Life, Cryptics, Symbology, etc.  It is similar to the distinction between the Applied and Academic streams at high school. That being said, it would be a poor High Magician who didn’t have a basic working knowledge of candle magic! You can check out all the School’s courses and tuition fees on our Curriculum  page. Although our courses are delivered online, students will have the opportunity to meet their teachers in person at certain times during the year. We will be hosting an annual summer Witch Camp for students, at a secret location somewhere in North America. As well, we plan to run field trips for selected students, to the Witch Country itself, as well as to other relevant sites such as Glastonbury and Stonehenge.

How do I enrol?

If you would like to enrol in the Essex School of Witchcraft, simply fill out the application form by clicking the button below. The application form includes a questionnaire, which will help us sort you into the appropriate House. Your tuition fee is due in full on your enrolment in the Essex School. We look forward to welcoming you as a student, and remember: Dare to be Wise!
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